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Surveys reveal that web visitors resist going to a standard contact page and filling out the form, but they do feel comfortable using little chat-type panels. So, to get our corporate clients more website inquiries, TimeZone Media developed Toucan Connect.

Toucan Chat

Toucan Connect gives your business an advantage over your competitors by providing two contact options rather than one – a Contact Us button on every page of your website, plus a dynamic contact page. These two complementary contact systems will connect you with more web visitors than ever before!

  • If you are available, you can Chat Live with your web visitors in real time
  • If you are too busy to chat, the Message Center immediately sends you visitor messages
  • Inquiries about a product or service show you which page your web visitor is on
  • All messages are conveniently stored in your website database for future reference

Why not make us part of your team?

We are a small company that loves taking care of our clients. We design great looking websites and have a lot of experience, but most importantly, we care about the companies we serve. After telling your story, we will know your company and website inside out. We promise to take good care of you and would consider ourselves privileged to be part of your team.