Close the sale with a Professional Web Video

People who add a professional web video to their website understand the powerful role video can play in turning web visitors into customers. TimeZone Media specializes in making visitor conversion web videos for companies and non-profit agencies.

As you can see from our own website, we use only the most talented video hosts to present our clients' products and services. For more, watch the 43 second video.

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TV advertising-quality web videos

Northumberland Windfield succeeded in engaging more wind energy stakeholders by having TimeZone Media create a broadcast quality web video for its website visitors. The video's emotive story-telling continues to inform and inspire those dedicate to sustainable wind energy projects.

Turn web visitors into customers

Let's face it - video is here to stay. And if you don't have one on your website explaining your product or service, your web visitors may just click goodbye. However, if there is a professionally done video with a "call to action" in it, your web visitors are quite likely stay on your site to watch it.

Selling into foreign markets

Penetrating foreign markets is not about speaking louder in English, it is about respecting your potential customers by using their language on your website. When snow crab marketers, Cheticamp Fisheries, decided to engage with Asian customers, they commissioned TimeZone Media to create a multi-language website as well as web videos in English, French, Chinese and Japanese.

In web video, experience counts

Why risk your company's reputation by hiring someone inexperienced? Our video team has been up the Amazon, to the mountains of Tibet and in the corporate jungles of Toronto. ;) Whether you need a professional video host presenting your company's products and services, or a promotional video of your seaport, we are the guys who deliver professional results, every time.

TimeZone Media web video

TimeZone Media shoots professional video for websites created by our web design team. Our videos are streamed from CDN servers located on several continents to ensure your foreign language web video performs perfectly abroad. Our corporate web video hosts, or business video presenters, are filmed in our studio using a teleprompter and state-or-the-art chroma key background.

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