What Services Does TimeZone Media Provide?

Web Services For Your Company 

As a full-service Website Development Agency, TimeZone Media designs engaging, mobile-friendly business websites and award-winning videos. Websites we create are provided with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate and hosted on our high-speed server. Your site content is updated whenever you request it. Below are just a few of our many online services.

Website Design

Creative, mobile-friendly business website designs

For many people, visiting your company website is often their initial exposure to your business. At TimeZone Media, we work diligently to ensure your visitors are not only impressed with your website's visual appearance, but that they really enjoy their overall user experience.

Achieving an exemplary user experience does not just happen by accident, it is the result of intentional, strategic planning. A website's original content must be written with consumers' interests in mind, meet their goals and be very easy to navigate. All the design elements must work harmoniously to evoke positive emotions and a sense of appreciation for your company's products and services.

Domain Registraton

Registering a domain name the right way counts

If your company does not already have a domain name, TimeZone Media can register it for you. If you already have a domain registered, we have a ton of experience working with domain registries and all the registry records involved to correctly set up your new website and branded email accounts.

Unlike many web development companies out there, TimeZone Media ensures you are the legal owner of your domain. Yes, that's right - it is not uncommon these days for well-known web design companies to register your domain for you in their own name! We are proud to say that over the years, we have even managed to rescue domains of clients being held hostage by unscrupulous website developers.

Website Hosting

Managed website hosting on our fast, secure servers

Websites designed for Canadian companies by TimeZone Media are hosted on our secure Canadian server. Hosting in Canada has many benefits for Canadian companies, expecially those involved in legal and financial services.

TimeZone installs a Secure Certificate (SSL) on your domain. Seeing the secure lock on your website's navigation bar gives visitors more confidence in your company. Your secure certificate also gives your website a higher ranking by Google. Need help once your website is up and running? No worries - your TimeZone Media Support Team is right here in North America not overseas. A protection copy of your website is backed up every evening to our second secure server.

Email Hosting

Using your domain name to build your corporate brand

Set up and manage your POP or IMAP email accounts using your own admin panel, or just ask us to do it for you. You can create new email accounts, modify passwords, add email forwarders, access webmail, configure Outlook and Thunderbird, and delete accounts as needed.

Access email with Outlook, Thunderbird or Mail.app etc. Or use Webmail to get your emails using a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, or Safari. Going on a well-deserved vacation? Simply forward your emails to a business associate or turn on an Auto Responder with a custom message reply.


Close the sale with a Professional Video

The world will be watching 3 trillion minutes of Internet video per month in 2021. Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all Internet consumer traffic. Videos embedded on websites can increase traffic by up to 55%, and marketers who use promotional videos grow revenue 49% faster than companies without them.

With more than 500 million hours of YouTube videos viewed every day, website videos have become the most successful marketing tool in the online world. Seafood companies adding professional TimeZone Media videos to their websites understand the strategic role they play in turning their web visitors into customers.

Web Updates

Ongoing Website Updating

Like most business owners, you are a very busy person and spending time updating your website content can prove to be counterproductive. Take the pressure off yourself, we do your website updating for you on a per-hour basis.

Your website visitors need to be kept abreast of all your company's changing services, products and opportunities. As a full-service web development and guerrilla marketing agency, TimeZone Media has the expertise, experience and knowledge not only to update your website but to provide you with affordable marketing ideas.

SEO Optimization

Keeping Google happy is a combination of science and art

Many understand that keeping Google happy means improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on a regular basis. An additional way to achieve better Google rankings is to have a mobile-friendly website with a Secure Certificate (SSL) installed. TimeZone Media's clients benefit from meeting both of these Google criteria.

Getting on Google's radar and staying there is an ongoing process, so we offer regular SEO updating packages. To help you monitor visits to your website, we deploy our proprietary Message Centre technology on evey page and provides you a daily Analytics Report on our live chat system - ToucanChat.